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Global IT Solutions and Services Company, established in 2010.
Industry and product competency focus developing solutions adopting various technologies with the best Talent pool.

Sage Informatics is your one stop shop for IT services, Mobile App development, ERP and Marketing solutions. Our passion is to be one of the market leaders in services industry. Customer satisfaction is our key focus area and we believe in a transparency model for better efficiency and output.

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The retail industry has been growing at a phenomenal rate-and is always ready to lap up new ideas that offer a great customer experience, improve supply chain management, and reduce costs. SAGE has been powering this industry with advanced solu/ons that help achieve their goals.

Our digital exper/se and experience have helped different players in this industry successfully transform their business to the tune of today's needs.

  • Innovative solutions including Inventory Management ,Fleet Management that optimize logistics and supply chain management
  • Deep domain expertise in understanding the needs of this sector