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Global IT Solutions and Services Company, established in 2010.
Industry and product competency focus developing solutions adopting various technologies with the best Talent pool.

Sage Informatics is your one stop shop for IT services, Mobile App development, ERP and Marketing solutions. Our passion is to be one of the market leaders in services industry. Customer satisfaction is our key focus area and we believe in a transparency model for better efficiency and output.

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Data and Analytics

Data and Analytics

  • Spur Innovation in New Markets with our Data and Analytic Skills
  • Enhance Business Performance, Processes, and Decision Making through our Data and Analytics Solutions
  • Experience Data and AI Together At Last!
  • Transform Your Organization with our Advanced Analytics Solutions
  • Gain an accurate view of your Data with our Advanced Analytics Solutions
  • Put Your Data to effective Use with our complete end-to- end Data and Analytics Offerings

Offering the right mix of Business Process, Big Data and Advanced Analytics

Bridge the gap between analytics and execution, and translate analytics into better business decision-making with us.

As data continues to grow at an exponential rate, organizations are floundering to grow at the same pace. The challenge is to identify what data they have, where the data is coming from, and what to do with all the data. It is imperative for organizations to assert control over their data and build an organizational culture and regimen that ensures their success in the future.

At SAGE, we help organizations do all of this by developing a data strategy that describes how to organize, operate and leverage data in a way that it adds value to the organization and its business.

We help organizations build regular, standardized data formats, a data-literate workforce and tested repeatable business processes to be truly effective, efficient and sustainable. We do this by offering several customized services as mentioned below.


  • EDW and BI
  • Data Warehousing
  • Advanced Analytics