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Global IT Solutions and Services Company, established in 2010.
Industry and product competency focus developing solutions adopting various technologies with the best Talent pool.

Sage Informatics is your one stop shop for IT services, Mobile App development, ERP and Marketing solutions. Our passion is to be one of the market leaders in services industry. Customer satisfaction is our key focus area and we believe in a transparency model for better efficiency and output.

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Mulesoft is one of the most sought-after Unified Integration platforms that offers a holistic approach to API design and development. Sage has rich expertise in Integration services of Mulesoft with comprehensive and cost-effective solutions. Our team excels in digital transformation thereby providing you the best-in-class integration with the company’s ecosystem. We have been the trusted partners for various clients across the globe for designing and implementing the Agile roadmaps for Mulesoft API led integration which helps in accelerating business goals and digital transformation. Our tailormade solutions provide future proof architecture to easily adapt or change to the existing systems

Our Mulesoft services include:

  • Consulting
  • Development
  • Managed Services
  • Support Services